Getting Sassy wth Keto : Part 3

How and why we found keto

Saskia’s seizures were undiagnosed and only occurred when she was ill or had an infection. This is still the case today. For a time it seemed manageable and we even had a year of no seizures at all.  We thought she had outgrown them. About 2 years ago the seizures started again and at a more frequent and violent pace.

Getting Sassy with Keto

During this time though we needed to find a schooling solution for Saskia and found a haven in The Centre for Play and Learning. She flourished and grew from strength to strength but her absenteeism (due to illness) was causing her to fall further behind. Her teacher and programme coordinator recommended that I consult Kath Megaw at Nutripaeds.

Some of the thoughts I had:

“Really, a diet? The meds aren’t helping and now I must bank on food?”

“Where in the world am I supposed to find time for this?”

“More wishy washy babble unlikely to yield results – I am over it.”

No pun intended but I ate those words!

Truth be told, by this stage I had run out of options and had no idea what I would do to help my child. I finally gave in and made the appointment. I had heard about the ketogenic diet but to say I understood anything before my first appointment would have been optimistic.

Reading Google just scared me and basically told me this was a miracle weight loss or sports diet. Now you see, that I understand!!! My father was a serious soccer player in his youth and I grew up with very healthy eating habits. For a while even my family followed a very strict homeopathic diet to assist my sister and dad with their asthma and allergies – which worked by the way.

So why didn’t I believe in the ketogenic diet yet? Somehow this was different.  It was as if I had to decide to take over the responsibility of helping my daughter with her sometimes debilitating condition. This is not a tablet I can get a script for a give to her and hope for the best. What qualifications do I have? I am JUST her mom.

And then I remembered my motto:  “You have the tools to know what to do. Trust your gut. There’s a reason it is closely linked to the brain. If your gut points one way and the world the other, go with your gut – it has never failed me!”  

It helps to realise this is not simply a diet. It’s a lifestyle that YOU can make happen. Like anything new, mistakes will be made and lessons will be learnt. But it’s all part of the journey.

Until next time, Kim xx

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