Getting Sassy with Keto : Part 5

Have plan – oh poop!!!!

Another thing that is super important on Keto is that it’s all about balance – between emotion and reality, wins and losses, and of course, fats, proteins and carbs.

Once the meeting was done and as I started to wrap my mind around what I thought was going to be a complete life change, I got a reassuring email from Amanda with practical tips and a menu tailored specifically for Saskia.

Getting Sassy with Keto

At this juncture I think it important to mention a few things:

  1. I love cooking – it relaxes me. I can cook for hours and not feel tired. However, I cook creatively, “with a pinch here and a dash there”. With Keto it is not creative. Food is weighed and measured and weighed again. I found this hard because I couldn’t just add something to make it taste better or change an ingredient because I didn’t have it in the house. However, after a year, I am now able to do that because I understand what an ingredient can do to a ratio.
  1. I have been blessed with a great eater! Saskia would always choose biltong over chocolate and generally eats really well and healthily. She has always been on a limited gluten and sugar diet although her firm favourites were pasta with anything, pizza and a packet of chips. All three were firm no go items on Keto. Yes, there are Keto versions but Sas saw through these and it made her angry. Luckily, I have since discovered great substitutes (not for the crisps yet ) that Saskia is happy to eat.
  1. I am a planner. I like to organise and know that my bases are covered. I had no idea how much this would stand me in good stead. I pre-cook everything in bulk and freeze in portions so that all I have to do is add one or two ingredients before serving. This simplifies life … and makes the 5-6 meals a day way less overwhelming.

Next week I take you through my first shop and cook off … Man, thinking back to it I can’t help but laugh. Good luck all you Keto (or any other form of diet) followers. This is one hell of a fun ride .

Send me your questions. I can’t wait to have you engage with me.

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