Getting Sassy With Keto : Part 4

Life’s about to change babe!

Getting Sassy with Keto

There is a school of thought that the first step to reaching your goal is to have a plan.

Well, with Keto your first step is to understand what you are in for. My emotional rollercoaster went like this:

  • Confident: “You got this Kim. It’s only food!”
  • Panicking: “WTF were you thinking. It’s only food!!!!”
  • Rational: “It’s okay. Sas is a great eater! She never had a sweet tooth and is

always happy to eat healthily and well. “

  • Angry: “Why do you want to change the one thing that is easy. You stupid

woman… are you trying to make life hard?”

Another insight about me is that once committed I am like a Bull Terrier with lockjaw – determined to get on top of the situation and conquer the thing I don’t understand. Plus, I had hope which helped drown out a lot of the fear and doubt.

On leaving Kath’s office this adrenaline junkie started delving into the worlds of carbs, fat, proteins, ketones, glucose, coconut and cream!!! Scary? Hell yes!!! There were few things I needed to wrap my head around….

I had to measure EVERYTHING!!! I have never owned any type of scale. Whilst growing up my mother was adamant that her girls would not base their confidence on body weight. Her motto was: You are beautiful. Eat well, exercise, spoil yourself now and again and occasionally check that your clothes fit comfortably. But now I would have to measure every ingredient that went into my daughter’s food.

Fat, fat and more fat… everything would be covered in grease and fat. Butter, olive oil, coconut fat and the ever-present MCT would be everywhere. The dishwasher (on the hot setting) became my best friend and the fact that, whilst Justin does not cook, he is pedantic about cleaning – floors, laundry… you name it, he does it. Yes, ladies you may swoon!

I would have to be organised. No more winging it when Sas was hungry. Suggesting that she grab a yoghurt, have an apple, or that we pop out to the Spur for dinner because I didn’t feel like cooking, was a thing of the past. It sounded traumatic.

And then I would picture her having a grand mal seizure and all my doubts would dissipate and my determination would come back. Did I know at the time if this new path would work? No! Do I know that it will work now even after a year? No! But I had and still have hope that one day I will be able to say, “You know what? I can’t remember the last time Saskia had a seizure or activity.”

Hope is a very powerful emotion because in the darkest of days it allows a glimmer of light in and renews your strength. Those days when I get that dreaded phone call from the school to tell me Saskia has just broken through and my brain tries to convince me that we are not getting anywhere, my gut channels that hope and pushes forward. And it hasn’t failed me yet .

Until next time when I give you some practical tips about tackling that really scary plan.


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