Getting Sassy With Keto : Part 1

Meet Saskia Jo, my 8-year-old gift. She is epileptic and was diagnosed in June 2015. “Really?” I am sure you are thinking, “That’s a short time!” Well, the actual story is that she had been having unexplained seizures since she was 3-months-old. The result is that she has a few developmental (predominantly speech) delays as well as fine and gross motor challenges. These entrench themselves in behaviour and that’s a roller coaster on its own.

We started the ketogenic diet in September 2015 and the change has been remarkable. I don’t have answers as to why we have seen a marked improvement or if it will work long term but I will be open and honest and share the good, bad, ugly and beautiful with you.

I invite you to follow our journey through the trials, challenges and hopefully the ultimate success of this journey. It is new but exciting, scary and at times overwhelming – but above all very rewarding!

It is important that you remember this is OUR journey and I can tell what worked and didn’t for US – but you know your baby better than anyone else. So before we continue here’s a rule for you to follow: “You have the tools to know what to do. Trust your gut. There’s a reason it is closely linked to the brain. If your gut points one way and the world the other, go with your gut – it has never failed me!”  

Getting Sassy with Keto

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  1. Thanks for sharing Kim! Staying tuned in…

  2. Good for you!!
    Trust your instinct!!
    The keto diet worked for my daughter. Never regret trying!! 👍

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