The Keilah Foundation was conceived by people who have an enduring interest in infant, child and adult epilepsy and the effective treatment of this condition as an adjunct, or an alternative to, conventional pharmaceutical intervention.

The founding members realized that for any such treatment to be considered effective it would have to rest on the pillars of Scientific Research and Practice, Education of the Community and Collaboration with like-minded Professionals or Organizations working in this field.

As a group, the founding members have the necessary scientific expertise, passion and experience to promote the aims and objectives of The Keilah Foundation.

Our Mission

To establish The Keilah Foundation as the primary organization for Ketogenic Diet Support in South Africa and beyond its borders into Africa.

Our Vision

To give access to the Ketogenic Diet as a viable and scientifically valid treatment (or additional therapeutic treatment) for infant, child and adult epilepsy in Africa.

Our Values

We acknowledge and will promote the fundamental dignity of all people we work with.

We will promote the cause of education in the field of the treatment of epilepsy in all communities.

We will support the right of families to be informed of the medical and nutritional options for the treatment of infant and child epilepsy and to choose the treatment/s they believe suitable for their child.

We commit to developing a sense of purpose and mutual support among the team members of The Keilah Foundation.

We therefore believe that it is Knowledge, Empathy, Inspiration, Accountability and Hope that drive this Foundation and the people who choose to serve in it.

Our Objectives

  • To create accessibility to the Ketogenic diet (Epilepsy Treatment) irrespective of economic status to all South Africans living with epilepsy.
  • To take Ketogenic Diet beyond the borders of South Africa into Africa where there is limited access to medication and where the Ketogenic diet could provide additional therapeutic value.
  • To provide peer-to-peer support from other patients and families who have successfully lived with the Ketogenic diet, and who are able to provide emotional support and practical advice.
  • To provide expert, scientific and first hand information from leading specialists in the field, in a series of presentations and one-on-one encounters.
  • To establish a spirit of community, fellowship and fun amongst our Ketogenic patients and their families.
  • To launch The Keilah Foundation and establish it as the primary organisation beyond the borders of South Africa into Africa for Ketogenic diet support and information.
  • To strive for positive co-operation with other organizations, institutions, government authorities (local, provincial and national), service organizations for the purpose of promoting the interests of TKF and creating public awareness of TKF.
  • To generate and obtain funds to achieve the above objectives.